Friday, March 25, 2011

How do bees produce the Unique LifeMel honey?

"Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd." prepares an all natural mixture for controlled feeding of bees based on natural honey and adding extracts of various edible plants [therapeutic herbs] to produce this unique natural honey. The mixture of natural honey together with the edible plants' extract, substitutes the pollen that is available to bees in nature and, from it the bees produce a new type of honey, with therapeutic properties, respective to the types of therapeutic herbs that were incorporated into the feed mixture.

This method enables Zuf Globus to control the precise doses of desired food types with which to feed the bees and, ultimately, produce honeys, whose properties are predesigned yet improved through the synergetic effect of being formed in the bee's body.


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Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Cope With Chemo: 5 Tips to Help You Survive Read more: How to Cope With Chemo: 5 Tips to Help You Survive |

Here's an interesting article for tips for chemo patients:


As a survivor, I've had a cocktail of poison dumped into me on many different occasions. It was hellish, to say the least. Medical studies say that happy and positive patients have a much better survival rate than those who are not. If you're looking for better ways to handle your chemo, and ultimately a better chance of beating your cancer, I'd encourage you to try the following tips:


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      Demand -do not ask- demand pills from your doctor.

      Anxiety pills, happy pills, sleeping pills, whatever. Many doctors treat the cancer without a thought as to the mental condition of the patient. I made it through four rounds of chemo before I put my foot down and demanded pills. It made all the difference in the world. Don't make the mistake of waiting.

      You're being dumped with steroids, radiation, chemotherapy, and eight to ten pills to manage their side effects, so what's one more?

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      Eat foods with a strong aroma.

      Many people don't understand that nausea from chemotherapy has very little to do with what's in your stomach. What you eat has very little to do with whether or not you hurl. Soda and crackers keep you from purging about as well as a giant milkshake. Therefore eat whatever you can keep down. You'll be eating like a pregnant woman with the strangest cravings. During my week-long infusions I could eat almost nothing, however during the recovery process in-between infusions I ate smelly foods as much as possible.

      During your treatments, everything tastes bad but your nose remains unaffected. You can 'taste' with your nose to an extent, so maximize this advantage. Chick-fil-a and Pizza worked amazingly well for me.

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